2020-11-05 15:49:14

Social Media FAQ

  • Why is Social Media so important?

    By nature, humans are social creatures who seek individuality among a larger community. Social media paves a way for this dynamic to thrive, by allowing everyone’s knowledge to be collaborated and shared instantaneously. Since everyone wants to be a part of a larger community, it is important for businesses to tap into this conditioning and reach more people.

  • Is Social Media worth the extra effort?

    As a business, you want to be very careful of how you approach social media. If your only objective is to sell/push your products and make more sales, using social media may not be best vehicle. However, social media can assist your business with exposure, name recognition, and brand building for your overall marketing plan. Social media is cheap to use, and it can lead to more search traffic through linkbuilding, loyal subscribers, and visitors.

  • How can I build links using Social Media?

    There are a few different ways to use social media to build links. When someone submits your content to the social media site, you can gain inbound links. But some sites limit spam submissions, so they use No follow tags on these links. The other way to use links via social media is by writing good content that creates a buzz and gets others to link to you organically. These sites can act as a platform for increased exposure, creating inbound links to your site.

  • Should I use a larger Social Media site or focus on more niche social media networks?

    This really depends on your company’s social media goals. More general social media sites cover a wider range of topics. However niche social media sites may have more specific content for the audience you are trying to reach. This may be a smaller but more target audience. So it really depends on the business.

  • What exactly is “Social Media Marketing,” and what do I need to know?

    Social Media Marketing describes the tools specific to social media, such as social networks, communities, blogs, wikis that are all a part of a company’s marketing sales and public relations plan. It is important to understand these tools, so you can know whether or not these tools will benefit your company.

  • Can I submit my own content to Social Media sites?

    Some social media sites are set up for you to submit your own content. Some more niche sites however are set up for users who expect great shared and valuable content, so submitting your content on these types of sites may not be appropriate for you to do. People will notice that you are just trying to bring traffic to your site, which may or may not go over well if your content is subpar.

  • What about those who just want to connect with people in the real world?

    Social media does not replace the real world; it only compliments it by connecting people in a convenient way you otherwise would not be able to. For example, you may keep in touch with friends on a social media site, but this does not replace the need to see them face to face. Social media is great at connecting people miles away. Some people often are able to express their true selves through social media, while they may be shy or uncomfortable doing so in real life.

  • Should my business try each different Social Media site? How should they choose the right one now that there are so many of them?

    It is always best to use the sites that have the best chance for success. It is good for your company to be everywhere that is contributing to your success. So find out which ones work or best fit your company and use those sites!

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