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Average increase in organic
revenue within a year.

Top-Rated SEO Services in Los Angeles — Proven Results

As one of the top SEO companies in Los Angeles, and in the country, we have extensive experience supporting businesses just like yours. We offer tried-and-true SEO strategies to support your digital marketing goals.


Average increase in organic
revenue within a year.

SEO Scope of Work — Overview

Research and Strategy

Our Los Angeles SEO company researches and implements relevant keywords that fit the queries your clients are searching for.

Copy and Content

Coalition Technologies’ SEO services cover every aspect of SEO, including developing outstanding keyword-optimized copy to propel your website higher in search results.

We form long-lasting relationships with other businesses and work on your off-page SEO strategy to produce optimal results.

Website Security

Security is crucial to your business’s success. Let us provide you with the support you need to grow your online visibility while protecting sensitive user data.

Website Crawling and Indexing

SEO can seem simple at first glance. However, many business owners struggle with the more technical aspects of a high-quality SEO strategy. We handle everything from website crawling to indexing and beyond.

Website Speed

Website speed plays a critical role in SEO and keeping visitors on your site. Boost your results with a Los Angeles SEO company that understands how to improve every aspect of the user experience.

Technical Improvements

Need to make changes to your website? Our SEO services in Los Angeles go above and beyond to provide you with any technical improvements you need to make to your business website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve conversion rates through our high-quality SEO services to enhance copy and see greater results.

Reporting and Analysis

Stay on top of your progress and understand what it all means with the support of Coalition Technologies.

Coalition Uses Advanced Tools & Software To Achieve Optimal Growth

Need A Los Angeles SEO Company With Proven Results? Hear From Our Clients

They consistently went above to improve our website every month we worked with them. Their team put in far more work than required by their contract to ensure that they delivered the highest quality product possible. A lot of SEO companies are going to say whatever they can to get you to sign and commit to them, they were never pushy and simply let their work speak for themselves. Everyone was incredibly knowledgable, prompt, professional yet personal, and a pleasure to work with. I honestly don’t have any bad things to say.

Their digital marketing efforts have fostered year-over-year organic growth in conversion rates and revenue. Coalition Technologies is professional, committed, and responsive. They manage the collaboration well and provide actionable advice, ultimately delivering top-tier results. Beyond their good results and high professionalism, Coalition Technologies is amicable and pleasant to work with. They feel like they’re part of our team. They frequently make suggestions that are outside of the project scope but are incredibly helpful. It’s reassuring to know that they check on the site and have a vested interest in it.

Digital Marketing Manager
The work has been hugely successful, with dramatic increases in both site traffic and revenue. The team works independently, provides bi-monthly updates, and are always aware of the latest trends in digital strategy. They put a lot of thought into the SEO strategies, and that knowledge is something we can’t replicate. They’re also really transparent. I’ve used other companies that claim everything’s proprietary, but Coalition gives us access to everything. They’re very reliable. I trust them completely, which is really nice. I haven’t been able to do that with other firms.


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How We Incorporate SEO Into Los Angeles-Based Marketing Strategies

Some of the most important methods our team leverages to optimize your LA-based business include:


Local Reviews

Increasing your local visibility is a crucial component of our strategies. We create or update your business listings on directory sites like Yelp and Foursquare to help your Los Angeles customers find your business and leave reviews.

We also develop solutions to increase social media reviews, which play an important role in building dialogue with your customers and generating word-of-mouth exposure.


Google My Business Profiles

Keeping your Google business information up-to-date can seem daunting. Don’t worry, our team can take care of it for you! We can manage, edit, and verify your business listing, customizing its description and removing duplicate listings.


Los Angeles Link Building

Our link building team makes the most of local news coverage to boost your business’s reach. These PR opportunities allow you to establish authority by offering knowledgeable contributions to respected journalists. They also generate links routing these news outlets’ readers back to your website.


NAP Citation Consistency

NAP stands for your business’s name, address, and phone number. Making sure that this information is consistent throughout your site is essential for local SEO, and it helps make your site more visible to search engines. We’ll take care of citation consistency for you.


Google Ad Extensions

The Coalition team incorporates Google ad extensions seamlessly, giving potential customers more detail about your business. Extensions offer many benefits, including increasing site visits, enhancing brand authority, and reducing bounce rates.

How Our Team Benefits Your Los Angeles SEO Strategy


Work with a Los Angeles SEO company dedicated to helping you improve your standing on search engines.


We help you track and understand data using cutting-edge analytics and software.


Our team builds quality external page links that Google loves.


We drive better search engine results with performance-based keyword research.


Coalition not only boosts your online visibility but ensures that your copy and design are converting as well.


Our high-quality content establishes you as a trusted authority among clients and customers.

A Los Angeles SEO Company Equipped for the Age of
Artificial Intelligence

Every strategy we create is is based on hard data and techniques with a proven track record of success. Combined, our team boasts over eighteen centuries of digital marketing experience in the fields of SEO, PPC, web design, social media, and email marketing. We are a highly selective employer, hiring only the top 1% of our applicants, who are rigorously skills-tested. Once hired, we invest in the ongoing training of our employees, providing university-level educational courses. Our team uses AI-powered tools and advanced systems to create world-class strategies.

To inspire our employees to do their best work, we provide outstanding incentives that allow them to increase their pay several times over. Motivated team members who know their excellence will be rewarded are equipped to deliver incredible results for our clients.

Beware of agencies who have read a few articles, picked up some buzzwords, and think they’re equipped to offer marketing services. You should only trust companies with scientifically-tested methods and an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers. Coalition Technologies can demonstrate exactly how our Los Angeles-based SEO services can benefit your business.

Los Angeles SEO Services
Backed by Powerful Software

One of the factors that sets us apart from other Los Angeles SEO companies is that we build advanced software to take your business to the next level.


Integrations with top-ranking third-party marketing software Our team is expert in the use of Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console, SEMRush, WebCEO, Screaming Frog, and more.

We’ve created the most advanced agency software: Scoretask This software offers world-class reporting and analytics. With modules for content production, link building, and Google Analytics, as well as Basecamp integration to organize To Do’s, it is an incredibly comprehensive project management tool. Our proprietary techniques software also features automated and AI tools and our SEO checklist.


Every service line is carried out according to checklists that ensure best practices discovered in one campaign can be applied to all clients.


Our highly selective recruitment process employs only the top 1% of applicants using rigorous recruiting tools including structured scoring, ranking methodologies, and automated skills testing.


We equip our team with over 130 university-level courses in the field of digital marketing to train our team in cutting edge techniques.


Our incentive program motivates our employees by giving them the opportunity to double or even triple their take-home pay when our clients see outstanding results.

We use the most advanced reports and tools to deliver consistent, powerful results for every client. You can always rely on us to employ the most cutting-edge technologies to advance your campaign.



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The number of people that were contacting us about membership became way more consistent; before Coalition it was peaks and valleys and uncertainty.

David Paradiso
Paradiso Crossfit


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My online sales have almost doubled since last year. Definitely a lot more traffic to the site … And I’m really happy with the team I’m working with.

Sawako Yamauchi
Miki Miette

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