We’re problem solvers, first. We specialize deeply, and stay curious and engaged to learn, grow, and level up.

  • Business Development

    Business development is all about opportunity. Build and develop partnerships to propel Shopify’s growth and unleash our merchant’s potential.

    7 openings

  • Business Operations

    Merchants and Partners alike rely on the Business Operations Teams to keep their businesses running at peak potential. If you’re tenacious and inquisitive, this might just be the place for you.

    2 openings

  • Customer Support

    Support keeps our merchants, products, and people going strong. With the freedom to explore, experiment, and solve real problems, you’ll never stop learning with this team. Learn more

    2 openings

  • Data Science and Engineering

    Data has always been more than a buzzword to you. Storing it, cleaning it, using it intelligently… data’s your thing. It’s our thing, too.

    8 openings

  • Engineering and Development

    Ready for a challenge? Shopify engineers solve cutting edge problems of scale, growth, and usability, with a team that gets shit done. Learn more

    37 openings

  • HR and Culture

    You’re a people person: inherently curious about what drives us, binds us, and makes us tick. Join us as we build and develop the people of Shopify.

    1 opening

  • Internal Operations

    Help all Shopifolk do their best work by creating and maintaining beautiful workspaces, donning your chef’s whites, keeping our tech connected and operational, or knowing the answer to just about any “who do I speak with about ______” question.

    There are currently no postings for Internal Operations

  • Legal and Finance

    Shopify is breaking fresh ground, and our legal and finance teams provide creative and robust solutions to novel challenges faced everyday. Almost nothing is by rote and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    6 openings

  • Marketing and Communications

    Communication is key. Whether building our brand, communities, or interest in new products, there’s always something to share about Shopify.

    4 openings

  • Product Management

    Be the glue that unites all aspects of a product under a single, cohesive vision. You’ll ensure that Shopify ships the right products at the right time for our merchants.

    14 openings

  • Sales and Account Management

    Sales without the schmooze - that’s what we’re all about. You’ll bring the best in business to the Shopify Plus platform.

    6 openings

  • Trust and Security

    Trust and Security at Shopify is all about securing our systems and people without hindering progress. Come solve complex security and compliance challenges at scale to keep Shopify moving fast.

    2 openings

  • UX and Design

    Build what they touch. Learn what they know. Craft the message. Join a world-class team of designers, content strategists, researchers, and FEDs to help merchants get the most out of Shopify.

    17 openings