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Seamless customer experience

Build a better relationship with your customers by ensuring a smooth experience with real-time updates and tracking no matter where they are in the world.

Best rates and services from trusted carriers

Your customers automatically get the best shipping rates, while you save time and money printing labels yourself. Plus, Shopify offers USPS Priority Mail Cubic® pricing and has the exclusive best rates for First-Class Package International Service®.

Flexible options for any business

Additional features like Shipsurance shipping insurance, return labels, and mobile device label printing make it easy and affordable to manage all of your shipping in one place.

Calculate your shipping costs

Plan ahead and maximize your bottom line with the Shopify Shipping Calculator.

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Shipping features

Fast and simple shipping

Prepare multiple orders at once with bulk order fulfillment and label printing that works out of the box.

Manage shipping in one place

Shopify tracks every part of your order, so you don’t have to copy and paste another address again.

Checkout control

Choose to show exact rates from carriers or offer flat rate shipping to your customers.

Easy printing

Print labels from your phone or computer using a thermal label or desktop printer.

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